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PDF Sewing Pattern Printing

We print sewing patterns on really big paper, so you don't have to tape them together! We use roll paper 36" wide, so we can print any page length. The paper is the same weight as home printer paper, 20lb bond. So there's no more tissue to rip, unless you want to trace out a copy!

Not sure if large-format sewing pattern printing is right for you? Check out our explainer on the difference between Copyshop and Print-At-Home sewing patterns.

Spool & Spindle Printshop is still here for all your sewing pattern printing needs, based just down the street from our old location, in Kitchener. You can expect the same speed and quality of sewing pattern printing as before, sadly without the fabric, classes, or notions.

We also print other large-format line drawings, such as blueprints or schematics! Please email us to find out if we are right for you!

Embroidery and Cross Stitch Kits: On Sale!

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Free Pickup in Toronto!

Want to save the shipping in Toronto? We have added a pickup point with shipments every 2 weeks to Shoppe and Tailor Studios! Check out our blog post for the details.

Helping you find your next sewing pattern

We are working on a fun new thing, at It's a database of sewing patterns to help inspire your next sewing project!

It's a work in progress, so we hope you will let us know what you think!

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