Pattern Marketplaces

Searching for new patterns and designers can be a lot of work. And it's often a fun part of the sewing process, I know, picking out just the right pattern and fabric! It's also very exciting to find a new-to-you designer whose style you really click with.

While it's not hard to find the big pattern designers, both the corporate ones and the more established indie ones, we need a little help finding the brand new designers. That's where pattern marketplaces come in!

These websites provide a custom platform for new designers, so it's easier to find what we are looking for than on sites like Etsy that sell much more than sewing patterns. And they can be great for new designers, allowing them to focus on just designing and publishing patterns! Here are a few I know about, to help you get started:

Sewing Partner

This is the latest site to appear, and it's one that adds some extra value!

After you purchase a pattern from their site, you gain access to sewing experts who can help you through every part of the project, from choosing fabrics, finding your size, making alterations for a perfect fit, to interpreting the pattern's instructions, and mastering new techniques. They use a combination of tutorials and email support to help you get the most out of each pattern.

Screenshot of the Sewing Partner website, showing a selection of their bestselling tops

Go to and use discount code 'bestpartner' to get 20% off your first order!
[disclaimer: this is not an affiliate link, but they did provide us with this discount code for sharing the site]


The Makerist site includes patterns for several different fibre crafts, but they make it very easy to view just the craft you want. Their wide selection covers many designers and styles, both established and brand new.

A screenshot of the Makerist website, showing all sewing patterns.

Their latest feature also looks pretty cool: they are working on an app that basically turns your phone into a pattern projector! Even though we are a printshop, we love ideas that create less waste, and we are excited to see how this works. Check out the Augmented Reality section of their website to try it (only  on iPhones so far).

You can find all their patterns at


This lovely site is created and run by an independent pattern designer who saw the value in helping out other newcomers! You may recognize some of the designers on the site, but they specialize in brand new or very small independent designers.

Screenshot of the SewPDF website, showing a selection of sewing patterns for knit fabrics.

Find them and their great filtering capabilities over at

My Next Make

And I wouldn't be a good business person if I didn't give a quick shout out to my own side project. This is not a marketplace, you can't buy patterns directly on the site. 

Instead, you can filter and sort patterns from many different independent sewing designers, and follow links to their own websites to buy their patterns.

Screenshot of the My Next Make homepage, with a list of new patterns

Check it out at, and as always, I love hearing feedback about what you'd like to see.

[Edit March 13, 2024: Oh no, I forgot to include one of the biggest marketplaces! Info added below, sorry Fold Line, I love your site.]

The Fold Line

This site has been around for nearly 20 years, and they have a great selection! Not only do they champion independent designers, but they also sell patterns from the Big 4 designers. This lets you search and filter between a bigger selection of patterns than anywhere else right now.

They also have pattern reviews from customers, as well as a print-on-demand service for those of you in the UK. 

Screenshot of the Fold Line new pattern page.

Go to for their patterns, blog, and reviews.

Happy pattern browsing, sewing friends!