Maker Inspo: Circular Needle Roll in Quilting Cotton

Like many sewists, I’m also a knitter. For storing my knitting supplies, I have rubbermaids, project bags, tool holders, notions pouches, and a straight needle roll. But somehow, none of these keeps my circular knitting needles organized any better than a jumble in a box. Which is not great, when you are searching for the right needle and not really sure where it is.

One option for circular needle storage is a binder with plastic transparencies. That works, but it’s nearly as pretty as something made from a lovely quilting cotton print (or two). I imagined a roll with a pocket for each size, different prints for the outside and inside, and a cute tie to hold it together. The sewing patterns I found online looked okay, but not exactly what I was looking for. So with optimism and not a huge amount of planning, I decided to wing it.

Open needle roll showing a dark blue space print for the outer flap and a pink fabric with scissor print for the inside.

For the outside, a space print (of course). It’s dark and pretty, and doesn’t show dirt if I drag it around with me. For the inside, the opposite, a pretty pink craft themed print. And for the ribbon, I took the Kylie and the Machine ribbon off my Advent Calendar box. It’s cute and has craft tools printed on it: perfect!

I cut a piece of the inner fabric a little less than half the size of the outer piece, and pressed the edges under all around. Then I sewed the inner fabric to one side of the outer fabric, along the short end and every few inches across the length, to make pockets. I left both long edges open, so the needles could be accessed from either side.

Then I folded the outer fabric in half, wrong sides together, and sewed it to make the outside. On both long ends and one short end, I left a couple inches of extra outer fabric to make flaps to keep everything from falling out. A topstitch row just a millimeter inside the fold keeps the flaps mostly in place. 

Opened needle roll, showing the flaps and spaces for needles.
Finally, I sewed the ribbon onto the outer flap, with a tiny patch to cover the stitching and raw ends. This is possibly the most useful thing I've ever sewn, and I'm very excited to use it!
The finished object rolled up, with a ribbon tied around it.