Wide Leg Pants Patterns

After years of skinny jeans and leggings, wide leg pants have been making a comeback. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and breezy. Effortlessly chic, you can pair them with a tee for a day out at the boardwalk, or with a dressier blouse for office and event wear. Let your legs breathe! We've pulled together our favourite wide-leg patterns below. And of course, we can print those PDF patterns for you!

(Chest: 31" - 60", Waist: 24" - 53", Hips: 33" - 63")
With a flat front, elastic back, and a high waistline; everything you want for comfort AND style. These pants are magic, they look good on everyone! Seriously, literally every single make I've seen of these has been incredible. I love the thoughtful construction details, especially the way the pockets are encased in the seams. 
We recommend:
heavyweight linen, denim, canvas, or twill

(Chest: 31" - 54.5", Waist: 25" - 48.5", Hips: 33.5:" - 57")
These pants are complete drama! The exaggerated shape of the leg flares out and then reduces to a smaller leg opening; giving you the look of wide leg pants without the bulk at the bottom.
We recommend:
midweight or heavyweight linen, silk noil, or canvas

(Waist: 24" - 52", Hips: 33" - 62")
The Winslow Culottes are a classic pattern, and it's easy to see why! With full legs, a range of lengths, and numerous hacks available on Helen's blog, you can make these to suit your personal style and preferences. 
We recommend:
any weight of linen, silk noil, or lightweight rayons

(Hip: 44" - 74.5", Full Thigh 30" - 47", and M&B will draft larger sizes on request, no extra charge)
Muna and Broad design sewing patterns for size 12 and up, with larger bodies in mind (rather than just mathematically enlarging a smaller base design, they design with plus size bodies as the base block). This means that you'll have fewer, or even no, alterations than with traditional patterns.
We recommend:
any weight of linen, silk noil, or lightweight rayons

(Waist: 23.5" - 61", Hips 32.6" - 71")
With an elastic waist, slightly dropped crotch, and a cropped full leg with tapered bottom, these pants are easy to make and easy to wear! Make them in a lightweight linen for summer, and a warmer silk or wool for transitional seasons. 
We recommend:
any weight of linen, silk noil, lightweight rayons

(Waist: 24" - 34", Hips: 59.75" - 67")
With a distinct 70's feel, these cropped pants are ideal for easy warm weather wear. They are more structured than other wide leg pants, and benefit from a heavier fabric. 
We recommend:
denim, canvas, or twill

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