Indigo Dress Sewing Pattern

Made without any fastenings (just throw it on and go), this dress features a floaty skirt, bust darts for shaping, and a gently curved waistline. We recommend a floaty fabric to show off the ruffles, like a cotton poplin or lawn, or even a lightweight rayon. But you could also give it a little more structure with a midweight linen or cotton crepe.


Full Sizing Details: UK 6-24 (Chest: 30" - 48", Waist: 24" - 42", Hips: 33" - 51")

Fabric Requirements: 45" wide fabric: UK 6-12: 2.9m, UK 14-24: 3.5m 60" wide fabric: UK 6-12: 2m, UK 14-24: 2.5m

See the Indigo Dress pattern on the Tilly and the Buttons site.

Indigo Dress Makes from the Web

Purple Sewing Cloud

I’ve made very different versions and I thought these trying times would be great opportunity to show you them all so you can see how easy it is to use one pattern to create a big chunk of your me made wardrobe.

Our notes: One pattern, five ways! You need to check out how different all of these makes look; such a great use of variations and fabric choice.

kimpernickel on reddit

Loving that fabric!

Our notes: A super cute example of the popular Indigo Dress! I love the way this fabric doesn't overpower the straight lines and ruffled accents on this dress.

lululena on reddit

I'm becoming obsessed with ruffles

Our notes: The ruffles on this dress are everything. I'm going to be thinking about them all day.

EmsInWonderland on reddit

Turmeric dye! So cool!

Our notes: Woah, this make! Not only is it a fabulous upcycle (made using a duvet cover), but OP also used a natural dye to give it a little extra oomph.

goshpenny on reddit

This is the first time I cracked out a pattern and followed the instructions and I’m so pleased at the result!

Our notes: We love to see a newbie make something they love and wear! This dress is delightful.

omgpop200147 on reddit

Ooo this is so cute!

Our notes: The fabric on this one is so adorable, and OP did a fantastic job! I love that their first wearable make is such a fun creation.

lisawestlund on reddit

I love the little ruffles across the chest area so cute!!

Our notes: I need more ruffles, you need more ruffles, we all need more ruffles. This dress proves it.

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