Sweetheart Dress Sewing Pattern

Sew a sweetheart neckline with lace or other colourblocking, on a peplum top or dress. With various sleeve and skirt lengths, you can customize this to your heart's content! And this dress looks good in lots of weights of knit fabric, just make sure you get the right amount of stretch!


Full Sizing Details: XXS-3X (Chest 30" - 54", Waist 23.5" - 50", Hips: 33" - 58")

Fabric Requirements: Peplum Top with 3/4 length sleeves: XXS-S: 2m, M/L: 2.5, XL-3X: 2.75 Long Sleeve Dress with Sweetheart bodice: XXS-S: 2.25m, M-XXL: 3m, 1X-3X: 3.25m

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Sweetheart Dress Makes from the Web

That's Sew Amy

Ponte was made for this dress! The dress features a very full circle skirt and looks adorable on. It’s really not much fun on a windy day though…

Our notes: Matching shorts complete these outfits, so even on a windy or active day, you can wear your cute dress. A heavier knit like ponte gives this dress great structure.

The Red Spotty Mushroom

The part I loved the most about this pattern was the finishing of seams. I have never come across this method before but it will no doubt be my new go to method for sure.

Our notes: Directional fabric can be hard to match, and you need to pay more attention to the cutting layout than usual. You might need more fabric, to avoid flipping pieces. We recommend taking the pattern with you (or having it printed at the shop), so you can visualize how you would cut the pieces.

_addycole on reddit

I finally learned how to properly colorblock now that I’ve learned to quilt!

Our notes: The bodice part of a dress pattern can be a great place to start to make a top! Make sure you consider the hip width, if you are lengthening a bodice that only goes to the waist or underbust.

lc504503 on reddit

I love your bold colors! I can totally see a metallic statement necklace along with this.

Our notes: Stretch velvet is so cool! And paired with stretch lace? Swoon. Unlike traditional velvet, this stretch velvet has a knit backing and added spandex content, so it's great for this knit dress pattern. It looks great, and feels great, what else is there in life?

lc504503 on reddit

Love this - has the best Mary Tyler Moore vibe!

Our notes: The vintage colours, oversized bow, and matching glasses make this a fun dress for any occasion. A coordinating solid makes great accents, to offset a busy print in the bodice and skirt.

lc504503 on reddit

LISA FRANK! All my 90s girl dreams have come true.

Our notes: Between the print, the amazing heart belt, the lace-look accents, and the poofy skirt, we really are back in the 90s with this spectacular dress. Whether it has a giant heart buckle or not, a belt can improve the fit of a dress by forcing a waist shape exactly where you want it.

lc504503 on reddit

I love trying to spend as little as possible to make my dresses. I get most of my fabric secondhand.

Our notes: You know we love a good de-stash sale, and if one person couldn't use that fabric, someone else can! This clever sewist uses a lovely combination of a busy print with a solid accent to make a super fun version of this dress.

effervescentappeal on reddit

I love the sweetheart! That fabric is lovely as well. Well done, it's awesome!

Our notes: This scuba-style knit fabric has lots of structure with lots of stretch, which is great for a dress with a big skirt. Sometimes, you want drape, and other times, you want to bring the drama!

handmadekaty on reddit

[Fake flowers] are actually glued on [under the tulle of the skirt]. It was a heavy skirt, and I should have put elastic in the waist because of it.

Our notes: Two very different versions of the Sweetheart Dress are shown here, both gorgeous in different ways. Adding a tulle layer over the dress gives a more elegant look, while the matching prints of flowers and gingham are picnic-ready.

lc504503 on reddit

The end result certainly turned out beautiful! I love the slight sweetheart neckline.

Our notes: The lace panel dresses up this already pretty floral print. The sewist did a great job with the fit of this dress, and we especially love the fit of the sleeves: three-quarter sleeves feel best when they are right around the forearm, but not too tight!

lc504503 on reddit

I took my old band shirt from 2005 and turned it into a dress for their concert!

Our notes: We love upcycling old clothing and fabric, especially when there is a story behind the original. Try to use complimentary fabrics with the same weight and similar materials, so they stretch or drape in the same way.

mamafitzsews on reddit

[The] stretch lace felt just like working with other knit fabric: on my serger/zig zag stitch on my sewing machine [was] sufficient to hold the pieces together.

Our notes: Lace is always elegant, but especially so in a feminine dress pattern. The sweetheart dress is a perfect pattern to combine lace with a matching or even contrast lining.

lc504503 on reddit

I love how the graphic is centered on the bodice, how you did the stripes at the neckline, etc. Great placement of the fabric design elements.

Our notes: Sewing is a political act, so why not say it out loud! We love to celebrate your skills and your values at the same time.

lc504503 on reddit

I used a circle skirt ... and instead on cutting on the double fold, I did a maxi on single fold and a mini on single fold then combined them.

Our notes: This high-low circle dress has swish, class, and beauty. The sewist did a lovely job with the fit, and really made this dress her own.

lc504503 on reddit

After working on a dress for a prohibition party tonight, it turned out to be a disaster. So at the last minute, I cut up a dress!

Our notes: Cutting into a garment that you put so much work into can be daunting, but sometimes the style just needs something new. This dress was lovely and simple to start, and now it also has a cool curved hem and faux tassels. It's like a whole new dress!

mamafitzsews on reddit

The fit is perfect, the neckline lays nicely, and the waistband is well done too.

Our notes: Glitter! And tulle! This sewist is living a princess fantasy in hot pink glitter. If you are worried that a glitter spandex is too much sparkle (no such thing, we think), adding a matte fabric with just a touch of glitter, like this tulle, makes a great pair.

effervescentappeal on reddit

It was a practice run for a wedding reception dress. I did a small graded out to a medium waist.

Our notes: Fun and nerdy, this peplum looks perfect for the day over jeans, or at night over leggings or a pencil skirt.

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