Slim Fit Raglan Sewing Pattern

Who doesn't love a classic raglan? Featuring a slimmer fit, shirt or tunic length options, as well as a classic or banded hem. That means you have lots of weight options for the knit fabric. A super light jersey would fit great, or go a little heavier with a fleece or French terry for something cozier.


Full Sizing Details: XXS-3X (Chest 30" - 54", Waist 23.5" - 50", Hips: 33" - 58")

Fabric Requirements: short sleeve: XXS/XS: 1m, S-XXL: 1.25m, 1X-3X: 1.5m 3/4 sleeve: XXS-XS: 1m, S-L: 1.5m, S-3X: 1.75m long sleeve: XXS: 1m, XS: 1.75m, S-3X: 2m

See the Slim Fit Raglan pattern on the Patterns for Pirates site.

Slim Fit Raglan Makes from the Web

Bobbins of Basil

I’ve been working on building a sloper set that I can use to come up with just about anything I want to wear. Most recently, I’ve been using the Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan (SFR) to develop a raglan-sleeve knit sloper and a general slim fit sloper.

Our notes: Oh wow, this is an excellent journey of pattern tweaking (including an really fantastic example of hacking a pattern for breastfeeding access).

mrsspooner on reddit

Nailed it! Both the intersection AND stripe matching. Very nice.

Our notes: The perfection of the seam matching and stripe matching absolutely made my soul leave my body for a moment in pure bliss.

handmadekaty on reddit

This is so well designed and finished!

Our notes: This is a lovely example of how you can personalize and design your own shirts graphics, while using a pattern as the base.

smlabossi on reddit

I’ve decided those fashion rules are a myth!!!

Our notes: I love this make so much; the stripes and pastels absolutely make this peice sing! Fistbumps to this sewist for throwing out all the "fashion rules" and going with their heart.

Always_Katie on reddit

I was sewing at 12:15 Christmas morning 🤣 Whew!

Our notes: This Christmas gift was finished just in the nick of time. While OP says it's the hardest thing they've ever sewn, all that hard work paid off spectacularly!

bingalaa on reddit

P4P is the best thing that has happened to me and my desire to sew. The instructions are easy, the patterns are awesome, and the Facebook group is helpful and inspiratonal.

Our notes: The stripes on the sleeves and hood make this hoodie wonderful without being overwhelming.

quitecrafty on reddit

Awesome. The Force was definitely with you to pull that off in an hour!

Our notes: First off, I need that fabric. Secondly, this is worth a visit to see the hood add-on at work!

Katescar on reddit

This is one of my most-used patterns

Our notes: There are so many great tips for sewing with knits on a regular sewing machine in this thread! Absolutely worth a visit, just to find out how to stop your machine from eating delivate knits.

reneeWho on reddit

I freaking LOVE IT!

Our notes: This make is not only awesome due to the nerdy content, but also the fit is superb! I love how OP used a subtle nerdy print on this one. Low key, but if you know, you know.

kDycu on reddit

I had this totally crazy vision and I'm glad it turned out well. :D

Our notes: Oh, the sleeves on this are incredible! The faux leather really gives an edge to a basic raglan.

Katescar on reddit

Super easy indeed.

Our notes: This is a wonderful example of how an add-on or expansion pack can completely change the look of an item!

Sewciopath17 on reddit

I used Patterns 4 Pirates Slim Fit Raglan mixed with favorite tee at the waist. I also drew some color blocking in for the tee shirt panel. And used correlating jersey fabric and lace for the blocking

Our notes: This is a fantastic idea; use a favourite tee or thrift store score and turn it into a raglan!

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