Hepburn Dress Sewing Pattern

The hepburn is a close-fitting, streamlined dress with a small side slit. It can also be made as a top, and has options for sleeve length variations as well as options for a crewneck, mock turtle neck, and fold-over turtleneck. Any weight of knit fabric would work for this dress, just make sure it has enough stretch.


Full Sizing Details: XXS-3X (Chest 30" - 54", Waist 23.5" - 50", Hips: 33" - 58")

Fabric Requirements: Tank Shirt: XXS/XS: 0.75m, S-3X: 1m Shirt with short or long sleeves: XXS-S: 1.5m, M-3X: 1.75m tank or short sleeve dress: XXS-S: 1.25m, M-3X: 1.75m long sleeve dress: XXS-S: 2m, M-3X: 2.25m

See the Hepburn Dress pattern on the Patterns for Pirates site.

Hepburn Dress Makes from the Web

Gabe and Zach

This is a dress that surprised me.

Our notes: Check out this blog post to see not one, but TWO really fantastic dresses. It's amazing how different fabric can really change the look of a make.

slutty_seamstress on reddit

the fabric is BEAUTIFUL but evil double sided velvet. so warm and lush but so awful to sew lol.

Our notes: Totally worth the pain of sewing evil fabric, this dress is stunning. THere are some great tips for dealing with fabric from the dark side in this thread.

jeaniem12 on reddit

We always tell eachother, "I will love you as long as the moon is in the sky." So the space themed fabric seemed appropriate. 🥰

Our notes: This dress (and the thoughtfulness behind the fabric selections) is just so sweet! I love the playful choices and the way to OP has combined patterns to make an excellent statement garment.

Guckies on reddit

It made her really happy.

Our notes: Sewn for a neice, this make is absolutely adorable! I love a monochrome look.

jeaniem12 on reddit

Those are gorgeous!!

Our notes: Did OP pick the best fabric we've ever seen? YES PROBABLY. Do they also have amazing boots? ALSO YES.

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