South Shore Romper Sewing Pattern

Perfect for vacation, staycation, and just lounging around the house, this romper has a sweet wrap front and POCKETS! For your best fit, choose a lightweight knit jersey with at least 50% stretch.


Full Sizing Details: XXS - 5XL (Chest: 29" - 60", Waist: 23.5" - 59", Hips: 33.5" - 63")

Fabric Requirements: short sleeves + shorts w/ pockets: XXS-S: 3.25m, M-XL: 3.5m, XXL-5XL: 3.75m long sleeves + long pants w/pockets: XXS-S: 3.5m, M-XL: 4m, XXL-5XL: 4.25m

See the South Shore Romper pattern on the Ellie and Mac site.

South Shore Romper Makes from the Web

Too Much Love

The South Shore Romper pattern is a versatile pattern that checks all the boxes for me.

Our notes: In this blog post, you can see several variations in different fabrics and styles, which is super helpful! See how you could make a casual work outfit, or dressy evening wear, from the same pattern.

Sewaway_account on reddit

If I saw you walking down the street in this, my first through would be “whoa, they seem super fun to hang out with!”

Our notes: Gold! Sparkle! Jumpsuit! Wow, this romper is delightful, bringing a smile to anyone who sees it. Remember that sewing should be fun, and the things you make should make you happy, just like this ray of sunshine!

Stinkysnarly on reddit

I made a romper! And it has pockets! And I love it! There will be many more.

Our notes: This combination of two patterns is a great way to get exactly the look you want in a garment. Just because a pattern is written or drafted one way, doesn't mean that's the only way to make it!


[The Ellie & Mac south shore romper bodice] is breastfeeding friendly.

Our notes: This creative combo includes a modification of the romper, which is a pretty simple change to make: if you like the bodice of a romper but want a top or skirt, you can either leave off the shorts part of the pattern, or combine it with your favourite skirt pattern. Just make sure the waist measurements match up.

Stinkysnarly on reddit

I finished the whole neckline (back & all) with 1/4” elastic. I overlock or zigzag the elastic to the wrong side, stretching it a little as I go. Then fold in once and top stitch in place.

Our notes: Whether combined with shorts, pants, or a skirt, this bodice has a great style with a lovely fit. This tropical print brushed polyester makes this version fun, bright, and super soft.


Band finish on a wrap dress is the best finish.

Our notes: This sewist should be proud of the stripe matching on this one, it looks great! They brilliantly added a clear elastic inside the neckband binding, to keep it stretchy enough to breastfeed, but not so loose that it falls down.

AuDBallBag on reddit

I used zig zag stitch and serged along the way. I used a twin needle for the first time for hems and cuffs and I swear to God that is the greatest thing since... Well since I got a Serger!

Our notes: With so many options and variations, you can make this romper many times and have each garment look like a different pattern! We especially love the waist tie in this version.

RhiAndroid1990 on reddit

It was interesting seeing the top and the first time I’d made pockets!

Our notes: Let your geek flag fly! These matching mommy-daughter rompers are adorable, and using the child and adult versions of the same pattern makes the match even more obvious.

AuDBallBag on reddit

I used zigzag stitch on hems and serged inside seams so it looked cleaner.

Our notes: This matching set is simple and beautiful. Use all-over non-directional print so you don't have to worry about parts lining up or stripes matching at the seams.

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