Duchess Jacket Sewing Pattern

Featuring a fitted bodice and a full high-low hemmed skirt, this jacket takes any outfit up to an eleven! It needs a lot of structure, so use a heavy warm fabric like felted wool, or a heavy cool one like denim.


Full Sizing Details: XXS - 5XL (Chest: 29" - 60", Waist: 23.5" - 59", Hips: 33.5" - 63")

Fabric Requirements: XXS: 2.75m, S/M: 3m, L: 3.25m, XL: 4m, XXL/2XL: 4.25m,3XL-5XL:4.75m

See the Duchess Jacket pattern on the Ellie and Mac site.

Duchess Jacket Makes from the Web

Indoor Shannon

It is easy to flip your pieces on the lining and sew them incorrectly if you are using something without a clear wrong/right side.

Our notes: This ultra-chic version has hidden snaps instead of buttons, for a cleaner finish. The heavy canvas gives the coat great structure.

AuDBallBag on reddit

The details on this are incredibly cute! The buttons and the lining go so well with the design.

Our notes: This coat combines so many of the things we love, including hidden (and not-so-hidden) nerdery. It is warm, refined, geeky, and cool.

lottytotty on reddit

I’m sure your child is delighted; any little princess would be! Clean work, good fit, and it moves great!

Our notes: If you think the adult version of this jacket is classy, just look at the kids' version! Toddlers look like the royalty they are in all those layers and buttons.

Ikaryas on reddit

[The jacket has a] reflective bias binding, like the one they use on safety vests.

Our notes: This version is unlined, and instead has a bias binding on all the seams. It's a lot of work to bind the seams, but it looks great on the inside and outside!

Aligator81 on reddit

Used the pattern as is and was a great fit.

Our notes: The twirl factor on this coat is off the charts! It works whether you wear it over an equally floofy skirt, or just want the bottom-covering warmth.

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