Discoverer Tee Sewing Pattern

Perfect for colour-blocking, this tee features fitted sleeves and a curved bodice element. Use lightweight knit jersey fabrics to give it just the right amount of drape.

Full Sizing Details: XXS - 5XL (Chest: 29" - 60", Waist: 23.5" - 59", Hips: 33.5" - 63")

Fabric Requirements: XXS-M: 1.25m, L-3XL: 1.5m, 4XL/5XL: 2.25m

See the Discoverer Tee pattern on the Ellie and Mac site.

Discoverer Tee Makes from the Web

Nightingale and Dolittle

I like the fact that the join between the yoke and main section is curved rather than just a straight line.

Our notes: As Ruth shows, this tee is great for leftover fabrics! It needs a large piece for the front and back, then smaller scraps can be used for the sleeves, yoke, and bindings.

AracariBerry on reddit

A walking foot was a game changer when I started sewing knits. It made all the difference.

Our notes: This pattern has a huge size range, from toddlers to plus sizes, which we love! It's an easy pattern to colour block, as this adorable version shows, or not.

cupcakesforme on reddit

Ellie and Mac patterns are pretty amazing. Easy to follow and sizing is perfect.

Our notes: Even a simple t-shirt looks glamourous when you add some sparkle! This kids' version of Discoverer also uses great contrast colours for the accents.

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