Breezy Dress Sewing Pattern

With this one pattern, you can make a wide variety of styles! From a tank, short, 3/4, or long sleeves, to a peplum, tunic, or different dress lengths, you'll be sure to make this pattern time and time again (and no one will ever know it's the same pattern!). You can use a variety of knit fabrics to change it up too, there are so many options that have the 50% stretch that you need.


Full Sizing Details: XXS - 4XL (Chest: 29" - 56", Waist: 23.5" - 51", Hips: 33.5" - 59")

See the Breezy Dress pattern on the Ellie and Mac site.

Breezy Dress Makes from the Web

Oak Blue Designs

I love this dress, it’s so comfortable to wear! The 3/4 sleeves are quite versatile for fall and spring wear.

Our notes: Just the cutest dress! Worth a visit to the blog post just to read Rachel's tips on lining up stripes and lining the bodice in a solid.

somehowtainted on reddit

[The bottom trim is] a rolled or lettuce trim done on my serger.

Our notes: This looks like a perfect party dress, with a fitted bodice and a fun, flared skirt. I can imagine any child being happy to dance around in black mary janes and a headband with a bow in their hair.

agnesb on reddit

I couldn't find what I was looking for, find lots that were close but not quite right. So I decided I'd have a go at blending some patterns together to get what I needed.

Our notes: From the fit, to the fabric, to the matching accessories, we love this version of the Breezy dress. Dresses really ought to have pockets, if only to warm up our hands, and adding a pocket from another pattern is a great way to accomplish that!

agnesb on reddit

Just look at how neat those seams are!

Our notes: This detailed print goes well in a garment with a simple cut, letting the gorgeous colours of the print do the talking.

agnesb on reddit

Very pretty print and nice fit, especially on the waist!

Our notes: The fitting on this make is absolutely superb!

weenpie on reddit

I usually hate putting in collars and armbands, but this pattern had enough fabric in each that it again was super easy and I wasn't cursing the sewing gods for creating nice looking collars

Our notes: We love the perfect way the skirt hangs (and applaud the no-hem decision).

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